Beauty – Home remedy FaceMask

What to do when you wanted eggs for breakfast and you accidentally break an egg? Don’t throw it away like I almost did! What a waste that would be! So I did some research and refined my very own handy face mask remedy…

FACE MASK REMEDY for Beautiful, Glowing Clean Skin – Stay Fresh, Stay Young!

In a bowl one egg, pour a tablespoon of honey, 2 tablespoons of almond oil and mix well, then crush some banana in with a fork, add a small handful of oats to give it some bind and texture and it’s a lovely gentle exfoliation for the skin, a touch of lemon juice for it’s instringent properties, apply to face straight away I used the back of a metal fork to smooth it on and it actually felt nice and stimulating as well as soothing way to apply it on.

Relax for 20mins, wash off with warm water, pat dry with a face cloth – oh and it smells absolutely divine when you rinse it off!

Your skin feels supple, nourished and refreshed!

Simple home remedies can’t beat ‘em.

I found I had plenty left, so I scooped into a spare glass jar lying around, store in fridge ‘til next time.



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